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Hello. Still learning here. Thanx for your patience.

The Basic formatting cheatsheet, the editing guide, and the Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style. Wikipedia:Producing_maps_with_xplanet


  • someone i know died recently from complications related to Fibromyalgia. I pledge to work on that article in her honor.Iggynelix 20:38, 13 March 2007 (UTC)


Colleges and Universities[edit]

Law and Policy[edit]

other bits[edit]

Wiki-Markup Notes[edit]

  1. Internal Links
  2. External Links
    • external link to say, The Federal Justice Center.
    • If i wanted to cite a bit about Alfred P. Murrah that was on that site i might add a footnote instead. [1] hmm.. but that required the manual addition of a footnotes section to the page.
    • a formatted image link:
      Green Hall Clock Tower
  3. Formatting
    • this is single quote 'emphasis'
    • this is double quote emphasis
    • this is triple quote emphasis
    • Wiki bullets Bullet
  1. Lists
    • Note that because the {#} list had a break, the sequence restarted
    • fnord
a colon : in front of a line is like a tab
    • fnord
  • a single * in a # list creates a box like this one.
    • fnord

Wiki Words of Wonder aka the Magic Words[edit]


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Today is day number {{CURRENTDOW}} in week {{CURRENTWEEK}} of the year.

Today is day number 0 in week 43 of the year.

This page is '''{{PAGENAME}}''' in the ''{{NAMESPACE}}'' namespace on '''''{{SITENAME}}''''' which contains ''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}'' articles to date.

This page is Iggynelix in the User namespace on Wikipedia which contains 6,179,946 articles to date.

Resources & Footnotes[edit]

  • footnotes should be numbered and not bulleted
  1. The Federal Justice Center
  2. Wikipedia:Tutorial (External_links)

See the new Footnotes cite.php program for more APA-like footnote creation and maintenance.